Tickets to the Soho Negroni Championship!

17th July


We are delighted to announce that the Quo Vadis & Pidgin Soho Negroni Championship will return to QV on Wednesday 17th July 2019, and tickets are now on sale. 

Guests will have a taster shot of each of the eleven competing cocktails and there will be snacks from QV and Pidgin in order to provide a little stomach lining.

The format remains the same: 11 professional bartenders compete for the title of Top Negroni-maker – and big Campari prizes – by presenting their interpretation of a Negroni to our judges, Allan Jenkins, Jack Bevan and Pritesh Mody.

– A cocktail name
– Ingredients and method
– How you feel it is a twist/ take on the Negroni



​​Each bartender is required to produce a cocktail based on, or inspired by, the great, the dare-we-say-unimprovable, Negroni. There is no limit to ingredients, techniques or garnishes, but there is a limit on time (see below). HOWEVER, it is important to remember that entries will be judged as a representative of the Negroni, not simply as a ‘cocktail’. Excessive flights of fancy, therefore, won’t necessarily be judged kindly, however delicious the result – if the drink doesn’t resonate with the judges as being within the Negroni wheelhouse then expect no mercy. Entrants are to make 2 cocktails for presenting to the judges, plus a further batch of taster portions to be served in shot glasses to guests (30 approx). Campari are kindly sponsoring our event again this year, though other ingredients including glassware and if necessary bar tools, are to be brought by contestants.Should there be any special requests in terms of mise-en-place please inform me in advance. Bartenders will have 5 minutes in total to mix and present their entry to the judges and audience. Five points will be deducted from their final score for every minute over their allotted time. Marks will be given diving competition-style out of 10 by each of the five judges. Bribery is frowned upon but not forbidden​​​.


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