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Pie & Oyster Mondays at Quo Vadis

Pie and Oyster Mon...

Quo Vadis Soho

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Jeremy, Rachel Roddy and Sophie Braimbridge at Palazzo Casagrande

14th May

Stirred Travel is offering Quo Vadis members 25% off a truly one-off cooking holiday in the Veneto...

Quo Vadis Soho

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Mr. James Hart's Alternative Easter Egg Hunt

13th April

Forgoing the clichés of chocolate and piety ...

Quo Vadis Soho

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Our Revamped set menu The Soho Set

It is a truth universally acknowledged that on occasion meals must be a swift affair, taken...

Quo Vadis Soho

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Goings On

The 7th Annual QV Cocktail Competition

05th April

In time honoured tradition, we are accepting submissions for this year’s Quo Vadis Cocktail Competition to be held on Wednesday 5th April.

​​In order to be one of the competitors jostling for his or her name to be engraved on our garg...

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