Quo Vadis & Friends: "The Truffle Dinner"

02nd November

As avid observers of the culinary calendar, we find glimmers of joy in the bounty that each season brings. Waving a fond farewell to the blushing fruits of summer and the darling artichokes of early Autumn, we quiver with excitement as November approaches, casting our eyes towards the Tuber Magnatum, ripening as we speak and developing their inimitable, ethereal aroma.

The most fragrant of fungi, the white truffle, will be the centrepiece and cornerstone of a fabulous dinner at QV, hosted by Emily FitzRoy of Bellini Travel.

When musing upon who might belong at the helm of the QV kitchen for such a feast, we couldn’t think of more capable hands than the masterful Joseph Trivelli, head chef of beloved bankside institution, the River Café. Truly at the forefront of Italian cuisine in London, it would be fair to say that Joseph is a dab hand with ditalini, handles fagioli with minimal fiasco, and can make the most out of melanzane. We simply can’t wait to welcome him, and to celebrate all things Italian in concert.

Guests on the night can expect a bite, followed by three truffle-adjacent courses served feasting-style. As an additional boon, white truffles from our favourite truffle hound, Zak at Wiltshire Truffles, will be offered -as usual- by the gram at cost price, so you can have as much or as little as you like to scatter over your supper.​

We will have a short list of some big Italian reds, as well as some less-obviously but perfectly paired South African numbers from our impeccable Journey’s End.

Tickets at £70 will include a welcome cocktail inspired by the Bel Paese.  Book Here.

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