Quo Vadis & Friends: Bubala

09th August

It seems high time for the mighty vegetable to take centre stage in a grand old feast chez nous. And so they shall in August, directed masterfully by Helen Graham and the wonderful Bubala team, to the tune of the bold flavours of the Middle East.

The original Bubala in Spitalfields is the brainchild of hospitality doyen Marc Summers, who dreamed of incarnating the modern café culture of Tel Aviv in his hometown of London. Upon meeting the tremendously talented Helen, he found that this was entirely possible –together, they imagined complex, unusual and truly delicious selections of mezzes, greeted with delight and acclaim from punter and critic alike. A similar reaction was seen to the Soho sequel, where oyster mushrooms, leeks seeped in amba and Chinese cabbage emerge from the yakitori grill, deliciously charred and mounted proudly on skewers.

Bubala, a Yiddish term of endearment that loosely translates as darling or sweetie, is most commonly used by grandparents, but we’ve decided to adopt it too… So join us, our bubalas, for an evening that we hope to see doused in burnt butter, enlivened by Aleppo chilli, with aubergines galore and chunks of halloumi floating blissfully in a sea of black seed honey.

Guests will be greeted with a bite, followed by three courses, served feasting-style.

With thanks to our wine partners, Journey’s End.

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