Quo Vadis & Friends: BAM Burns QV 4.0

25th January

Good luck to you and your honest plump face,
Great chieftain of the sausage race!
​Oh, the unholy alliance – Lee T and J Lee. Meeting again on this auspicious day to weave concoctions and potions in the name of the Scottish Bard.

Will the infamous towering cock-em-bouche​​ make a reappearrance, or the (very rude) four-letter biscuits? Or, seeing as this year has it that Burn’s Night aligns with Chinese New Year, might we expect liberal scatterings of Black Axe Mangal’s favourite Mission Chinese Spice?

As yet, the menu is a mystery. But you know there will be haggis, bagpipes and Jeremy in a kilt.

Buy your tickets now, lads and lassies. ​​​​
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