QV in Conversation with Hugh Bonneville

19th December

Hugh Bonneville is an actor beloved by audiences all over the world, for roles as varied as the 7th Earl of Grantham, a marmalade loving bear and baby-faced Bernie in Notting Hill.

We are now in the fortunate position of getting to know Hugh as a writer, whose memoir, ‘Playing Under the Piano; From Downton to Darkest Peru’ has just been published by Abacus Books.

​The tome has been roundly praised by everyone from Gary Oldman to Lynn Barber. Christina Patterson of the Sunday Times said, ‘Playing Under the Piano is, in the end, a glorious love letter to an art. Oh, and I don’t remember when I last read a book that gave me so many laughs’

We’re very much looking forward to having Hugh, our long-time QV member and supporter​, here to talk about the book and much more besides. It’s an In Convo not to be missed.

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