Quo Vadis Salon 6: High Society

18th October

No matter where we hail from or aspire to go, the trials and tribulations of our paths through society are intrinsically novelistic. ​​As we progress, we infiltrate and exit friendship circles, professional cliques, class strata—ever wary our status can determine our fate. Whether driven by insatiable ambition or sheer survival instinct, we strive to fully belong, neutralising threats and forging alliances as we go.

​​Sometimes, these bonds are strong and true; sometimes they are illusory, doomed from the start—if only it was simple to tell the two apart.
Join us for an evening of readings and discussion of traversing societal boundaries with three first class novelists: Tara Isabella Burton, Michael Donkor and Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott. Chaired by Suze Olbrich.

More information and tickets here.​​

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