Quo Vadis & Friends: Hoppers

03rd May

This May, we will welcome some darling buds from down the road into the QV kitchen. Karan Gokani and his team at Hoppers have been slinging Sri Lankan sensations in Soho since 2015, keeping busy by opening two further restaurants and the aptly named ‘Cash and Kari’ retail delivery service. Karan has even written a stunning book that tells the story of the flavours, people and places that shaped Hoppers through the medium of recipes and hedonistic imagery.

Hoppers, the Sri Lankan specialty, referred to by Madhur Jaffrey as the lovechild of a crumpet and a crêpe, are pancakes made from fermented rice and coconut milk. The namesake dish makes the perfect accompaniment, or even receptacle, for fiery Karis, Sambols, Chutneys and Pickles. The delights on their menu continue with Dosas, Rice, Roasts and more, all inspired by the toddy-shops, home-cooking and roadside stalls of Sri Lanka and South India. Dishes are rich and fragrant, lifted by spices and bold flavours.

We can’t wait to see what Karan will conjure up in the depths of this Great Dame, but expect that this iteration of QV & Friends won’t be one for the faint of heart, or delicate of palate. The meal will begin with a ‘short eat’, followed by three feasting-style courses.

With thanks to our wine partners, Journeys End.​​​

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