Quo Vadis Salon 4: True Romance

Whether flirtation, marriage or liason, the ‘truth’ of any romantic encounter is forever in flux, residing in relation between two (or three, or more) lovers.

​​Translated into word and deed, love is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and our lovers, and our friends, family and Instagram followers. In rare moments, desires and actions, truths and tales align. Much of the time, we endeavour to dictate our personal narratives as they threaten to evade our mastery.

All of which, makes contemporary literature the ideal form for exploring love.

Join us to discuss matters of the heart, body and soul (and pen and phone and keyboard) with a trio of remarkable authors: Joanna Walsh, Lena Andersson and Sophie Mackintosh. Hosted by Suze Olbrich.

More detail and tickets here. £15 including a glass of wine.

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