Quo Vadis & Friends: Joe Woodhouse

21st February

Quo Vadis & Friends: Joe Woodhouse

21st February, from 7pm

February feels like a month for striving and thriving, and we have therefore invited a charming man with a noble quest to cook for us and prove his mettle. The man is of course the ever-so-lovely Joe Woodhouse, his mission: to quell the cruel rumours and libel that label vegetarian food as boring, stodgy or bland. His arsenal runneth over with prime seasonal produce, and a flair for layering texture, spice and flavour. Consequently, on the 21st of February, we shall provide a veritable cornucopia of all things flora, and let Joe take it from there.

Joe’s best-selling cookbook Your Daily Veg and the much-anticipated sequel, (aptly named More Daily Veg) have been showered with praise by the lofty likes of Nigella Lawson and Anna Jones. You will find them full to the brim with sumptuous vegetarian dishes taking cues from a wide range of cuisines, so a rifle through is enough to excite even staunch omnivores.

We so look forward to seeing Joe himself spring forth from the page to cook us a feast. Will he wow us with blistered brassicas, piquant pickles, elevated aliums or even great gratins?

​​​This remains to be seen, and the intrigued among you can purchase tickets to the banquet here, for £55.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the estimable work of John Broadley and Julian Roberts. We requested a touch of rejuvenation on this series’ posters, and behold the remarkable result!

​​​​With huge thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Gin Mare, Journey’s End and Everleaf.

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