Quo Vadis & Friends: Bibi

20th September

As the summer begins to fade, we have a scorcher in store to warm your cockles. We have managed to pry the preposterously talented Chet Sharma away from the paisley-clad halls of Bibi, Mayfair and can’t wait to see Soho set alight by his intricate creations.

With a PHD in Physics from Oxford University securely under his belt, Chet found himself seduced by the prospect of a career in gastronomy. His innate creativity and flair for flavour made him an ideal candidate for the menu development trade, at which he has plied with alacrity across lauded institutions including Moor Hall, L’Enclume and Mugaritz.

Come September 2021, it was time for Chet to open a restaurant of his own. Buoyed by his experience and inspired by his heritage, Bibi – a progressive take on Indian fine dining – was born. Critics and punters alike flocked from day one, showering Chet and his restaurant with praise and a staggering number of accolades. Notably, it was awarded Best New Opening at the National Restaurant Awards, Best Restaurant in London by GQ, and Guardian food critic Grace Dent even expressed a desire to bathe in Chet’s peanut sauce and get dressed without showering…

Precision is paramount at Bibi, as one can see from the meticulous menu, with each individual spice labelled according to its origin. This is no mean feat when you take into account the fact that even the small plates have been known to be sprinkled in a spice dust with no fewer than 23 ingredients. We simply can’t wait to see what he will serve at QV, where guests will be greeted with a bite, followed by three courses, served feasting-style.

Tickets are now on sale, book here.

With thanks to our wine partners, Journey’s End.

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