The Team

A Trio on Dean St.

Rollover to see who`s what in the shop!

Sam Hart

Blessed with a great laugh and a measured gait, Sam has the role of

issuing the Ten Commandments being the one with sage wisdom and

reason in abundance. His endless charm and abundant common sense

makes him our rock, this bolstered by the fact that he was born and

brought up in the business by his folks who have Hambleton Hall

and has one of the best appetites ever.

Jeremy Lee

A tall Scottish cook who fills the boxes on the menu daily with his favourite things, a great many of which are inspired by many a fine cook book and chefs such as Simon Hopkinson and Alastair Little, who honed his cooking while working alongside them learning his craft. He is generally very noisy and is endlessly apologising for getting the lyrics wrong in show tunes.

Eddie Hart

Jolly and affable, with a laugh and buckets of charm the equal of his brother Eddie is the one to be found with a magnifying glass in one hand a feather duster in the other peering into all the corners, scrutinising the flowers and generally ensuring all is ship shape and bristol fashion. He is chief architect of The Floristry Commission which splendidly helps keep his appetite the equal of his brother.