The 7th Annual QV Cocktail Competition

05th April

In time honoured tradition, we are accepting submissions for this year’s Quo Vadis Cocktail Competition to be held on Wednesday 5th April.

​​In order to be one of the competitors jostling for his or her name to be engraved on our gargantuan trophy for all posterity, please submit:

1. ​The name of your cocktail
2. ​Its ingredients and method
​3. A little story of how it was conceived. Do keep it brief enough for short attention spans and gripping enough for wandering minds

​​Send these to and the top 10 submissions will be invited to shake, stir and spritz (as is your wont) on the night.

Our judges will be: Mina Holland (Guardian Cook), Max Venning (Three Sheets), Sam and James Hart (home team!) and Crispin Somerville (El Pastor). ​​

​​All QV members are welcome to spectate and enthuse over the proceedings. ​​Held in the Blue Room, no ticket necessary, just show up. 5th April, 7pm start.

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